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Girivan Hill Station, Pune

Girivan, a private hill station that has been labelled as a beautiful picnic spot is situated in Pune. The mountain, trees and the picturesque landscape make this place ideal for trekking, family programs, corporate meets and group picnics. The best time to visit this place is during winter and the rainy season.

There are several private resorts and cottages spread across this hill station.  Accommodations are aplenty as nearby resorts boast of scenic views of the waterfall and the mountain.

Girivan Hill Station Map Picture Picture 1 – Girivan Hill Station Map

Girivan Hill Station Geographical Location

The private hill station is located 40kms away from Deccan Gymkhana area in Pune. The beautiful panoramic view is placed in Hotale village which is not far from Kolvan of Mulshi taluka in Pune.  While coming from Mumbai area, the Dadar-Kamshet road should be taken to reach Girivan.

Girivan Hill Station Direction

By road – The hill station takes a 1 hour ride (at a distance of 22 miles) from Pune. You can avail Pune’s public buses that crisscross the state and national highways. Pune bus service can be taken through Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Goa-Mumbai Highway is located near to Mulshi. You can take your car or hire a vehicle to reach Girivan.

By rail – If you are travelling from cross-cities, then Pune railway station will surely be your saving grace. Girivan will be less than 2 hours or 45kms from the station.

By air – Take a flight to Pune and travel for another 31 miles from the airport to reach Girivan hill station. You could book a car or take the bus to reach this private hill station.

Girivan Hill Station Area

This is a private hill station that is set in the midst of nature. The area is situated at a height of 2400 feet above sea level and around 400 feet above Lonavala hill station.

Images of Girivan Hill Station Picture 2 – Girivan Hill Station Image

Girivan Hill Station Weather

For having a considerable height, this place is naturally cool and refreshing. Tourists will have a pleasant outing here at Girivan.

Girivan Resort

The raw charm of the mountain clubbed with cool and windy waterfall make this place a favourable tourist hotspot. There are a wide range of activities that call out to visitors.

Take a walk down the nature. Walk through the internal roads that connect to the hill station. Enjoy the view of wild flowers and fiery green trees adorning the sides.

Enjoy the campfire. Have unlimited song and dance fun that are regularly arranged for tourists and hill station visitors.

Trekkers will find this location ideal. There are artificial rocks and high stiff made for serious trekkers and rock climbers.

Volleyball matches and cricket are played here.

Adventure night walks make for an exciting activity. Have a never before experience which will surely resonate in your days to come.

Girivan Hill Station Resort Photo Picture 3 – Girivan Hill Station Resort

There are several indoor and outdoor gaming facilities that have been designed keeping in mind tourist attraction and preferable.

Girivan Nearby Accomodations

If you are planning for a weekend trip or a hillside corporate meet then you will have a wide range of accommodation choices. Take advantage of the furnished cottages and lavishly designed hill resorts spread across this private hill station.

Kasturi Cottage

This is a full furnished luxury cottage in Girivan. Make your 2-day getaway a memorable experience as this cottage comes with forest paths, trekking trails and several sporting activities. The cottage is set in the midst of trees and hill land.

With a serene ambience, the cottage is safe and reflects a leisurely feel. The open terrace is perfect for star gazing. If you are on a family getaway then enjoy the open-air retreat along with refreshing hot and cold drinks served with barbeque snacks.

The cottage is spread across 120sq.mts. It has a garden area for children, clean insides and outsides, excellent services, spacious parking lot and wide open terrace area. All of these and much more make for an enjoyable stay.

Kasturi Cottage Image Picture 4 – Kasturi Cottage

You can visit a number of areas situated near to this cottage. Most of them take not more than an hour’s drive. Satyasaibaba temple at Hadshi, the scenic beauty of the backwater Pawnan and Mulshi dams, Tikona fort and Devraiare are some of the nearest places to visit while staying at Kasturi Cottage.

Maval Srushti Resort

This is a sprawling 20 acre private resort that proudly presents a grand mountain view, swimming pool, playgrounds, natural walkways and well maintained furnished cottages. Take note of the rustling leaves and the mellow whistles of the wind. Book your stay at this resort where peace and serenity meets fun in nature.

Enjoy your stay that will be accentuated by the beauty and silence surrounding this place. Maval Srushti serves authentic Maharashtrian food.

Visit Girivan and take home a brand new experience of meeting the mountains and gliding through the peaceful nature. There are various medicinal native plants and trees that have been retained here. If you are a nature lover travel to Girivan will be as good as it gets.

Pictures of Girivan Hill Station Picture 5 – Girivan Hill Station Picture

Contact Details

Girivan Site

Hotle & Dongargaon,

Post – Kolavan,

Taluka – Mulshi,

Pune – 412 108

Telephone – (020 ) 25171411

Kasturi Cottage

Plot No. D4-D/1, Girivan Project,

Village – Hotle,

Taluka – Mulshi,

Pune – 412 108

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Last updated April 20th, 2012

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