Gopalpur-on-sea is one of the most pristine and popular beaches in Odisha, India. It is located at a distance of around 16 kilometers from the town of Berhampur. Clusters of palm and coconut trees, sand dunes covered with casuarinas plantation divide the beach from the sea water which work as a complete setting for quiet conviviality and introspection.

The sea and the golden sand makes it one of the highly sought after beaches in India. Good accommodation options in serene and clam atmosphere turns it into a favored holiday destination. Bathing and surfing in the sea waters with the assistance from nolias can be a great experience.

Gopalpur-on-sea Map Photo Picture 1 – Gopalpur-on-sea Map

With an increase in the number of tourists from the late 70s, this beach has experienced a slow revival. The crumblings walls and old jetty pillers are clear witness to the maritime past of Gopalpur. The disturbance of the temple towns is fully absent in this place.

How to reach Gopalpur-on-sea?

  • By air: The nearest airport, to Gopalpur-on-sea, is Bhubaneswar which is about 180 kilometers away. Flights to Bhubaneswar are available from all metro cities in India. From Kolkata, it only takes one hour to reach Bhubaneswar by air.
  • By rail: The closest rail-station is Berhampur (falls on the Howrah – Chennai line) which is 16 kilometers away from Gopalpur-on-sea beach. Berhampur station is just 608 kilometers from Howrah and about 1069 kilometers from Chennai. Trains that stop at Berhampur are – 5228/5227 Muzaffarpur Yeshvantpur Express, 6003/6004 Howrah Chennai Mail, 2863/2864 Howrah Yeshvantpur Express, 2703/2704 Faluknama Express, 2508/2507 Guwahati Ernakulam Express, 8645/8646 East Coast Express, 6355/6356 Kanyakumari Express, 2660/2659 Gurudev Express, 2863/2864 Howrah Yeshvantpur Express, 5630/5629 Guwahati Chennai Egmore Express, 2530/2509 Guwahati Bangalore Express, 5628/5627 Guwahati Trivandrum Express and Howrah Tiruchirapalli Express. For timings, please check with the Indian Railways’ website.
  • By road: One can also reach Gopalpur-on-sea through National Highway 5. Gopalpur is just seventy miles away from Puri.

Gopalpur-on-sea History

Gopalpur acted as a salient trading port for the British East India Company. The Britishers constructed large godowns and warehouses as their business with Burma began to thrive.  Once the wealthy Bengalis and British who earlier made this place happening and vibrant, left, it reverted back to being a relaxed and quite place with a unique charm of its own.

Gopalpur-on-sea Beach

This quiet and pristine beach stretches around half mile on the Bay of Bengal shores. The sand is quite clean and almost free from shells. The water is comforting and warm enough throughout the year.  The quiet ambiance of the beach makes it a perfect place for people to relax under the blue skies and easy breeze. As the beach faces east, watching sunrise is absolutely spectacular.Getting up quite early to experience the sarrounding places can be a good option. Seeing the endless empty shoreline of Gopalpur getting pullulated with fishermen and their hand nets full of catch is interesting.

Gopalpur-on-sea Weather

Best time to visit Gopalpur-on-sea is from October till April, especially during winter. In summer, temperature revolves around 35 degrees centigrade and in winter, it stays around 16 degrees centigrade.

Gopalpur-on-sea Lighthouse

The lighthouse provides a 360 degree view of the place as well as a part of the Chilika Lake. It opens at 3.30 (IST) and closes at 5.30 (IST). Bags are permitted atop the lighthouse.


Pictures of Gopalpur-on-sea

Picture 2 – Gopalpur-on-sea Picture

Gopalpur-on-Sea Food and Dining

Gopalpur-on Sea is a perfect place for fish lovers. Mustard fish (Bengali style) and other continental fish dishes are some of the popular delicacies cooked in nearby hotels and restaurants. During evening’s gayety, one can also enjoy jhal muri, chana chat or grilled fish near beachside.

Gopalpur-on-sea Travel Tips

  • Swimming would not be a good option because of the undercurrent, though one may hire nolias. It is advisable to see their identity card before hiring.
  • Auto is the best possible option to travel around. Good bargaining skill is needed as the drivers do not run on meter at times and tend to charge more.

Gopalpur-on-sea Accommodations

As far as accoodation is concerned, visitors get a wide range of options starting from luxury tourist resorts, holiday homes to cheap and budget hotels. In a budget hotel, tariff may start from Rs. 200 per day to Rs. 500 per day and in luxury deluxe hotels and resorts, charges may start from around Rs. 800 and may go up to Rs. 3000 or more. Charges go up during peak seasons. Economy options include youth hostel. Tourists may also take refurbished old houses or bungalows on rent.

Gopalpur-on-sea Hotel Image

Picture 3 – Gopalpur-on-sea Hotel

Here is a list of some popular hotels and resorts :

Panthanivas: There is a government operated Panthanivas, which is located around one and a half kilometers away from the beach front. Telephone – +91 680 2243931, +91 680 2242088. Email –,

Swosti Palm Resort: Swosti Palm Resort, near Gopalpur-on-sea, is a very popular luxury resort. It has a multi cuisine restaurant along with all the amenities that a deluxe resort offers. Telephone No. – 0674 23 000 008, Fax No. – 0674 23 018 80.

Hotel Sea Pearl: Hotel Sea Pearl, near Gopalpur-on-sea, is absolutely the right hotels for a comfortable stay. The bright and golden sunrise as well as the magnificent Bay of Bengal is a treat to watch from here.

Hotel Kalinga: Hotel Kalinga is one of the most sought after places to stay in Gopalpur-on-sea. The home like atmosphere is certain to make you feel like home.  Phone No: 0680-282067.

Oberoi Palm Beach: Oberoi Palm Beach is another famous place to stay. This hotel is just 17 kilometers away from the railway station. Most of the rooms in this hotel are sea facing.

Motel Mermaid: Motel Mermaid, which stands for comfort and care, is situated on the Beach Road.

Hotel Green Park, Hotel Rohini and Hotel Sea Side Breeze are some of the other popular hotels for staying in.

Gopalpur-on-sea Sightseeing and Nearby Places

There are many nearby places which may add extra fun to your holiday.

  • Berhampur (16 kms): Berhampur is an important as well as popular commercial town. The market, in Berhampur, displays an eye-popping array of Odisha’s Handloom products and Handicraft. Horn Toys and Silk Sarees are spectacular among them.
  • Aryapalli (16 km): Ayapalli beach, in Odisha, with its quiet and charming atmosphere is a perfect place for nature lovers.
  • Taptapani (65 km): Taptapani is located on the Eastern Ghats. The lavish green jungle along with a hot spring has always attracted tourists from all over the country. There is an OTDC run Panthanivas, which is an ideal location for spending few days in natural environment.
  • Rambha (45 km): Just 45 kilometers away from Gopalpur-on-sea, Rambha is well known for its scenic beauty. Boating is the most popular activity in this place. There is an OTDC operated Panthanivas next to the lake.

Apart from these places, Mahuri Kalua (30 km), Taratarini (30 km), Patisonapur (30 km) and Jaugarh (35 km) are some other nearby places one can easily go from Gopalpur-on-sea. Small tourist cars can be hired to go to these places. Auto rickshaws can be hired for moving around near Gopalpur.

Gopalpur-on-sea Picture

Picture 4 – Gopalpur-on-sea Image

Gopalpur-on-sea Contact Information

  • Address: Government of Odisha tourist office, New Bus Stand (1st Floor), Berhampur, Dist. Ganjam.
  • Telephone: +91 680 2280226.

For more information on Gopalpur-on-sea, please contact to government of Odisha’s tourist office or visit their official website.

Gopalpur-on-sea is not as trendy or commercial as Goa, but it has got its very own charm. This fairly undisturbed and isolated beach is counted among India’s best beaches. The sand dunes of the beach are attracting tourists from all over the world.

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Gopalpur-on-sea is one of the most pristine and popular... 


Gopalpur-on-sea is one of the most pristine and popular...