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Naval Aviation Museum, Goa

The Naval Aviation Museum is one of the principal tourist attractions in Goa. It pays a wonderful tribute to the birth and subsequent evolution of the Indian Naval & Aviation wing. The museum was opened on October 12th, 1998. It was the first museum of its kind that was built in Asia and one of the seven Naval Aviation museums that are present globally. The museum displays a wide collection of armaments, weapons, vintage war crafts, sensors, safe gears and ancient photographs that bear testimony to the history of naval and aviation power of India.

Naval Aviation Museum Directions

The Naval Aviation Museum is situated 6 kilometers away from Vasco da Gama on Vasco-Bogmalo Road in Dabolim. After reaching the airport on Bogmalo beach, you can hire a bike or a taxi to reach the museum. The museum sits over a plateau that overlooks the vast Arabian Sea. From this spot one can also view the Bogmalo Beach at a distance.

Naval Aviation Museum Picture
Picture 1 – Naval Aviation Museum

Naval Aviation Museum Exhibits

The Naval Aviation Museum started with only a modest collection of six aircrafts. However, it has now grown into one of the largest naval and aviation museums in India. It has got two principal exhibits: a two-storied indoor gallery and an outdoor exhibit.

The Outdoor Exhibit

The outdoor exhibit of the Naval Aviation Museum includes a huge park that houses huge planes and gallant helicopters, many of which even dates back to the 1940s. At present it has a grand collection 12 majestic aircrafts, which include

  • The Giant Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation
  • The HAL Chetak, a light utility, single-engine helicopter
  • The Sea Harrier, a single sitter Jet Fighter that is primarily employed as reconnaissance aircraft
  • The Short Sealand, operates dually both on land as well as on sea waters
  • The De Havilland Dove, a twin engine aircraft that was essentially used for the purpose of light transportation and an array of other important roles
  • The De Havilland Vampire, a small-bodied 2 sitter fighter training airplane
  • The Hawker Seahawk, a single engine single sitter Jet Fighter
  • The Breguet Alize, a 3 seated anti-submarine aircraft used for reconnaissance
  • The Hughes, a helicopter having two side-by-side seats
  • The Westland Sea King, an anti-submarine Commando troop helicopter built under British license

Pictures of Naval Aviation Museum
Picture 2 – Naval Aviation Museum Picture

A World War II era Fairey Firefly fighter is also housed along with the above mentioned collection of aircrafts. This aircraft is one of the remaining twelve Firefly fighters that have survived to this date.

The Indoor Exhibit

The indoor exhibit of the Naval Aviation museum displays artifacts and pictures that tell us the history of the most important battles in which the Indian Naval and Air forces have been a part of. As one enters the indoor arena, one can find huge replicas of INS Viraat and INS Vikrant in display. Both sides of the corridor are decorated with neat paintings; this creates an ambience wherein one feels one is onboard the INS Viraat. The different rooms of this section are planned keeping the ship’s interior in mind.

Armament Room: On the left is the “Armament” room where all the different arms and weapons like rockets, torpedoes, bombs, missiles, war heads and depth chargers are neatly displayed.

Images of Naval Aviation Museum
Picture 3 – Naval Aviation Museum Image

Sonobuoys Room: As you exit the “Armament” room, one enters the “Sonobuoy Room” where the Sonobuoys are kept. The Sonobuoys are sensors used by the Aircrafts for detecting underwater enemy targets.

The Attire Room: The “Attire” room chronologically preserves and displays the uniforms of Indian aircraft and naval forces.

Suraksha Room: The next attractive exhibit is the “Suraksha Room” which houses numerous protection gears and gadgets that are extensively employed by the naval and aircraft personnel while they are at sea or in the air in case of an imminent danger. Here one can see various items such as the parachute, floating dingy, Pilot’s outfit and Ejection Seat for Fighter Pilots.

Shradhanjali: As you walk down the corridor all the while admiring the beauty of this amazing exhibit, you will notice a section called “Shradhanjali”. Here, tributes are paid to the brave, gallant and self-sacrificing soldiers of India who fought for their motherland between 1958 and 1997.

Hall of Silence: Adjacent to the “Shradhanjali” section is the “Hall of Silence”, the Meditation Room. The ambience here is serene, calm and cool. The hall is nicely done in granite, and a beautiful painting in brightly adorns one of the walls.

The bigger hall hosts the exhibit of archival photography that profiles the history of Naval Aviation from 1959 with pictures and footnotes. Here one can see aerial black and white photographs that graphically represent the destruction of the Chittagong port, the “Operation Vijay” as well as the fall of Pakistani navy and rare images depicting the account of Goa’s liberation. You can also bear witness to the finest hour of the Indian naval and aviation forces here by viewing rare photos of East Pakistan’s liberation in 1971.

Activities and Things to Do

A little further from the “Suraksha Room” is the Multimedia Room, which houses a modern state of the art multimedia games section. This section also has a simulator that can give you a Jet Fighter cockpit experience and is a favorite among both kids and adults alike.

Photos of Naval Aviation Museum
Picture 4 – Naval Aviation Museum Photo

While visiting the Naval Aviation Museum, you can also visit the Museum Souvenir Shop that stocks numerous valuable mementoes and items such as leather wallets, pens, key chains as well as caps and T-Shirts.

Naval Aviation Museum Hours and Tickets

The Museum exhibit remains open every day except Monday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. Admission to the museum for one adult costs 20 INR. Taking photographs inside the museum premises is allowed at an extra cost.

The Naval Aviation Museum is one of the major tourist attractions in Goa. Here, the visitors get acquainted with the glorious history of the Indian Navy and Aviation. It is now in fact the second largest Naval Aviation Museum in India along with HAL Museum.

Naval Aviation Museum Goa Image
Picture 5 – Naval Aviation Museum Goa Pics

Naval Aviation Museum Contact Details

Officer-in-Charge, Naval Aviation Museum

Bogmalo Road, Dabolim,

Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa-403 801

Phone: 510183 Ext. 5525

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