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Sajjangad Fort, Satara

Sajjangad Fort is a popular tourist spot located in Satara, Maharashtra. Built between 1347 and 1527 it has earned several names along with the change of ruling dynasties in India. The fort is known as the final resting ground of Saint Ramdas, a renowned holy man who also served as a social reformer during 17th century. Local people gather in this fort to celebrate the birth of Sain Ramdas on Das Navami. The beautiful fort area is also known as fort of Parali for being situated in the Parali village. Regarded as a holy pilgrimage, this fort now boasts of a huge visitor base every year, often reaching millions.

Sajjangad Fort Entrance Picture Picture 1 – Sajjangad Fort Entrance

Sajjangad Fort Location

Sajjangad Fort is situated near the city area of Satara in Maharashtra, India. It is set at a distance of 9 km in the western part of Satara District.

Sajjangad Fort Direction

It takes 4 hours drive from Mumbai and a mere 2 hour drive from Pune to reach this fort. When travelling from Satara it is a 16km drive. Regular bus rides are available from Swargate ST Stand.  Rickshaws are in plenty. Tourists coming from cross cities can buy a ticket till Swargate ST Stand and hire a rickshaw to reach the fort. It takes a 10km travel to Parali village when coming down from Satara. It is about an hour from the village or approximately 780 footsteps to find your way to the fort. From Parali Road one can take a 3 km drive to Gajwadi while following the road directions. Nearest railway station connects with Satara and Pune. People will find the nearest airport in Pune.

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Sajjangad Fort Area

The fort is placed 3000 feet above sea level. One has to take 750 steps in order to reach the entrance of the fort. The fort is a part of Shambhu Mahadev sub range.

Sajjangad Fort History

This fort has great historic relevance because of the change of dynasties which led to the change of fort control from time to time. According to historical records the fort was built by Bahmani Emperors in the period between 1347 and 1527. It is believed to have taken a long time in constructing the fort. Soon after the Bahmani period came to an end the rule of Adil Shah started in India and the fort came under his control in the year 1686. The fort control changed hands yet again when the Maratha power rose to its zenith against the Mughal rule in Western India. Shivaji Maharaj gifted the fort to Ramdas who was the rising saint of the time. Saint Ramdas spent his entire life in the fort area and after his death, this place got recognised as his ‘Samadhi’ or final resting place. The walls of the fort bear numerous ancient Hindu scripts which make it a historical place of visit.

Sajjangad Fort Architecture

One needs to climb 750 steps to reach the fort entrance known as ‘Shivaji Maharaj Entrance’ which is located in the south east. There are two water reservoirs placed inside the fort. The walls of the fort bear ancient Hindu spiritual scripts which are an attractive piece for tourists.

Pictures of Sajjangad Fort Picture 3 – Sajjangad Fort Picture

A second gate is located on the east known as 'Samarth Dwar'. ‘Ramghal’ is a place that is believed to have been the meditation spot of Ramdas Swami. Just behind Ramghal there is a building resembling a mosque and Anglai's temple. There is Lokmanya Tilak Entrance which has a small water reservoir and an old temple to its left. As you continue walking you will come across few shops that sell books on Ramdas and Shivaji Maharaj. There are few snacking areas and few fort management buildings. The main temple inside the fort is known as Samadhi or the final resting place of Saint Ramdas who had lived here throughout his life. There are God Ram’s idols on top of the temple and in the basement of the Samadhi. One can easily spend peaceful hours here inside the Samadhi.

Ramdas swami sajjangad

The fort has turned into a pilgrimage with the efforts of Saint Ramdas Swami Sansthan. The place preserves Swami Ramdas’s existence. His name is not just historically relevant but is an identity for the people of Maharashtra. On the day of Das Navami devotees turn this place into a celebration ground by singing Bhajans in order to remember the godly saint’s birth.

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Sajjangad Fort Timings

The fort remains open on all days from sunrise to sunset. Morning prayers are held daily which are mostly carried out by the trustees.

Sajjangad Fort Lodging

The fort management provides several lodging arrangement for tourists. Interested tourists can check out with the office to enquire about available boarding facilities.

Sajjangad Fort Activities

There are numerous activities held at the fort such as prayers, Maha Naivedya, Bhajans, Puja, Abhishek and Dasbodh manuscript (written by Saint Ramdas) readings.

Sajjangad Fort Places to Eat

Tourists coming for a day long visit to the fort can opt for several nearby eateries that offer breakfast and lunch. Satara district is nearby and there are good food stalls and hotels offering comfort and excellent food.

Photos of Sajjangad Fort Picture 5 – Sajjangad Fort Photo

See around Sajjangad Fort

Satara is a place filled with scenic beauty. The rural charms of this place attract many tourists round the year. There are Thoseghar waterfalls and the beautiful plateau region of Chalkewadi that are located near to this fort. One can travel through Nana Chowk, taking the tunnel, to reach Ajinkyatara fort hill. Kas wildflower plateau in Satara is a great place to visit during September when the flowers are in full blossom. The monsoons look beautiful here in Satara.

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